21 mars 2016

Why invest in Lyon ?

Tour Incity - Why invest in Lyon ?

An overview of the Lyon region’s economy, the principal real estate submarkets and the legal and fiscal aspects of property investing in France.

The Lyon property market has been the leading regional market in France for more than a decade, both in terms of take-up and investment volumes.
Lyon also confirms its new status as a strong Eurocity through the development of major new infrastructure in the urban area, such as the “Parc OL” (ultramodern stadium with a seating capacity of 60 000) or the “Musée des Confluences” (850 000 visitors in 2015). In addition to numerous opportunities for economic development such as the privatisation of the Lyon -Saint Exupéry airport, the Turin–Lyon high-speed railway or the creation of the “pôle métropolitain”.

"Why invest in Lyon" is a 2016 publication by JLL and EY, a reference manual designed for investors who are new to Lyon property market.

  1. An economic overview of the Lyon region
  2. Lyon property market overview
  3. The acquisition process
  4. Overview of the main legal aspects
  5. Key french real estate tax issues
  6. Contacts

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